Because Stories Are Meant To Be Shared: Zane Williams

Photo courtesy of Koon’s Canyon Ranch

A couple of weeks ago, I invited country music artist Zane Williams of the band The Wilder Blue to share a story here. I’d noticed the shoulder mount of a beautiful Axis buck on the wall of his home studio and when I asked him about it, here’s what he had to say:

“Sad thing is, there’s not too much of a story there. I got invited to a ‘Guns and Guitars’ event where I was the entertainment for the hunters around the campfire each night. Part of my compensation was taking a deer.”

That ‘Guns and Guitars’ get-together was the 2014 inaugural edition of an event hosted annually by the Koon’s Canyon Ranch. Located in the beautiful Texas hill country just outside Rocksprings, the ranch offers hunts for Blackbuck, Oryx, Aoudad, Whitetail, and as Zane found out, Axis Deer. He wasn’t kidding about there not being much of a story, though.

“We pretty much went to a stand near a feeder, waited 45 minutes or so until the deer came in, I picked one out, shot him, and he fell right down and died.”

That lack of a story was more than made up for when Zane and his guide walked up on his deer, a 31″ Axis buck in full velvet. There may not be a prettier deer than the Axis, and Zane’s was a true testament to his species.

“Then the host of the event paid for a shoulder mount because I’m way too poor and we turned that deer into six months’ worth of tasty dishes.” 

No matter how majestic a shoulder mount looks, it doesn’t feed the family. I wonder which one the Williams family was more grateful for – the mount or the meat?

“That’s pretty much it! Ha. First and only deer I’ve ever killed. I’d like to do more hunting but just can’t find the time, between work and family responsibilities. I don’t know if that story is even worth sharing but there you go buddy, and I hope you’re well!”

Getting up at deer thirty is tough when you play music into the wee hours like Zane does, but when country music artists these days are wearing skinny jeans and spray tans, I’m just grateful that at least one guy knows his way around a rifle. Great deer, Zane, and thanks for sharing!

See what the Koon’s Canyon Ranch has to offer at and make sure you check out The Wilder Blue music at!

Do you have a story to share? Type up the details of your hunt, and shoot me an email at Include a picture or two. I’ll make sure all your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed and publish on this website the story of your hunt for all the world to see. All I ask is that you then share a link to your story with your family and friends and maybe interact with those who might have questions or comments. Because stories are meant to be shared. And hunts are meant to be celebrated.

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